Office Cleaning

The Ultimate Guide to Upholstery Cleaning and Care

Professional upholstery cleaners are the best option for cleaning fabric and furniture because they will use the right type of cleaner for the material. They also have the right tools, experience, and knowledge on how to get rid of stains.

Carpet Cleaning Tips: A blog post around maintaining a fresh carpet.

These tips will ensure that your carpet never smells gross or feels older than it should. No matter how old the carpet is, a fresh and new look is maintained. For a professional carpet cleaning services Reaipela Cleaners will take on the job.

5 benefits of a clean office during winter

A clean office helps reduce absenteism during winter season. Reaipela Cleaners is a professional cleaning company that complies and conforms to quality standards as set out by the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA). For your peace of mind we insured through Outsurance.

Cleaning tips for anyone with allergies

People suffering from common allergens have a whole new dimension to the chore ‘cleaning’. Their home is the place where they can imagine to escape from all irritants. For any normal individual, opening up the car windows and enjoying fresh air might sound like a great idea, but this may be miserable to someone who.

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